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Through our interactive and immersive workshops, we’ll help you start building a new foundation for your organization, rooted in flexible thinking and leading-edge practices. There’s something for everyone to learn in our workshops, whether you’ve never even heard of agile before or if you’re a seasoned developer looking for a new certification. If you’re not sure what you need, no problem. Together we’ll find our starting point, make a plan, and then dive into discovering lots of cool new stuff. So ready your white boards, your learning hats, and your coffee pot—let’s get started.

We’d be happy to host your group here at Sketchpad or we can bring the party to you.

Training & Certification Courses

The Reviews Are In

“Great training! Good flow and very easy to understand, even being on the business side of things.” —Ann B.

“One of the best training classes I’ve been to; I really enjoyed the exercises that the course offered.”—Jeffrey W.

“I really learned a lot about the roles, thanks for explaining those in detail. The activities helped me really understand the principles and values.” —Tom A.

Ready to Jump In?

Check out what trainings we have on deck, or reach out to us to schedule your own!

If you don’t see the type of training you’re interested in, let us know—we’ll see what we can work out.