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Coaches are encouraging, flexible, and above all, invested in your organization’s success.

Picture an Ally

It can be pretty easy to fall back into old habits while trying something new, even if you know it’s good for you. (Ordering fries at lunch instead of a salad? We’ve been there, too.) This is where coaches step in and help keep the momentum of your transformation going. Our coaches aren’t drill sergeants or task masters—that’s not what we’re about. Instead picture an ally, armed with a ton of knowledge and ready to help you kick some butt.

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Your Options are Flexible

Our coaches provide in-person support to your team as you’re implementing new ways of thinking and new processes into your daily work. This can look like a full-time coach in your office, available every day to help you keep your transformation moving. Or it could look like a meeting with your coach a couple times a week to stay on track.

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Free Half Day Assessment

If this sounds like it could work for you but you still aren’t sure, let us give you a free half day assessment. We’ll give a technical analysis of your code base, check out your practices and processes, and have a retrospective with you. Then we’ll send you a document that illustrates what you’re doing well, which improvements could have the greatest impact, and how we can make that happen together.

Reach out to us to get a free assessment on your calendar and get started on the path to feeling better at work.