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So, you’re in development. Does your team work all too often in a war room or long, late nights? How many deploys have you rolled back this year?  Are you scared to open your email or answer your phone the morning after a deploy?  Weekend, what’s a weekend? Can you explain to your boss the value and cost to create unit tests? How about the risk to your company or product? Is testing just about unit tests? Who’s job is it to ensure quality?  In most larger organizations, the role of the developer is relegated to that of just typing the code. It’s time to take back design, practices, and most importantly; quality! In this talk we’ll focus on the basics of getting back into valuing quality software and getting it deployed faster.
  •  The differences between Unit, Integration, and End-to-End testing and who creates them.
  • The real benefit to automation (CI/CD)
  • Why a development team should understand testing and software development fundamentals
    • Layers of testing
    • Testing isn’t optional
    • Developer roles in testing
    • Hire the right developers
  • How to cultivate a culture of quality software development
  • Sell this to your upper management
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