Hands-on, Deep Dive into Go for Experienced Developers

Big Programming Ideas, Development Strategies, and Best Practices in Just Two Days

This immersive workshop is designed to get experienced developers up to speed on Go’s core strengths and, more importantly, applying them to create web services. During this two-day Sketch Go course, we will introduce you to the core concepts and idioms of the language.

You’ll work with our experienced instructor to build a practical Go app from start to finish, covering everything from language fundamentals to best practices, including:

  • Go syntax, concepts, and idioms
  • Go modules (code sharing)
  • Packages and directory structure
  • Code structure and organization
  • Unit testing
  • Go’s powerful standard library
  • Concurrency (Goroutines, channels, wait groups, mutex locking)
  • Parsing simple and complex JSON files
  • How to create a command line program
  • How to create an API
  • Introduction to concurrency in Go

Ideal For:

This course is for developers who are curious about Go or want to gain a deeper understanding of Go and how to practically apply it for common use cases. We’ll also cover best practices advocated by the authors of the language, as well as ones that have emerged from the thriving Go community.

Attendees should have:

  • Minimum of 5 years of development experience
  • Strong familiarity with 1 or 2 languages
  • Background in developing and maintaining an application in production