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Faced with the challenges of multiple new technologies, processes, and ways of thinking, many organizations are embracing Dojos – immersive learning centers – as a great way of quickly upskilling their staff as well as creating a cultural and organizational transformation.

This two-part class is split into two topics covered over the course of three days:

  1. Starting And Running Your Dojo
    (2 days)
  2. Coaching In Your Dojo
    (1 day; optional)

Starting And Running Your Dojo

(2 days)

If you are interested in starting your Dojo, then this workshop is for you.

Rather than being prescriptive, the workshop will guide participants in defining a strategy and format that enables them to create a Dojo meeting the specific learning goals of their organization. The workshop covers Dojo values, formats for offerings, and practices.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding how to execute the entire Dojo life cycle including intake process for teams, chartering Dojo engagements, the format of the engagements, and post-Dojo follow-up
  • Defining your initial Dojo offerings
  • Designing your Dojo’s physical space and determining equipment needs
  • Marketing the Dojo inside your organization
  • Defining Dojo metrics you will use to show the value your Dojo provides
  • Strategies for hiring and growing Dojo coaches, product owners, and operations managers

Participants will leave this workshop with all the knowledge they need to create a Dojo in their organization. Like the Dojo itself, the workshop is an immersive learning experience combining presentations and interactive experiences covering all aspects of creating and running a Dojo.

Schedule Overview
Day 1
  • Dojo engagement life cycle
  • Defining offerings (types of engagements)
  • Establishing learning competencies (what teams learn)
  • Building a Dojo team
  • How to choose teams to take part in Dojo engagements
  • Defining your intake process
Day 2
  • Chartering Dojo engagements
  • Setting up the Dojo space
  • Understanding schedules for engagements
  • Defining metrics and measurements
  • Using the Dojo to make larger organizational changes
  • Growing Dojo coaches
  • Getting started with your first team

Coaching In Your Dojo

(1 day; optional)

If you are a coach in a Dojo and need to understand the practices and purposes needed to help teams learn, this course is for you. Coaching in the Dojo is different than normal agile or scrum coaching. In the Dojo, you are using some agile practices, but you are coaching for learning instead of delivery.

This workshop will be hands on using various practices and simulations needed to help teams frame their learning in the Dojo. The workshop covers not only agile practices but also product and technical practices.

NOTEThis course assumes familiarity with the Dojo. If you are not familiar with the Dojo, we recommend taking the 2-day workshop on bootstrapping your dojo for context.

Learning Outcomes
  • Framing the learning for various teams and scenarios
  • Running various ceremonies
  • Models of growth progression and growth
  • How to identify and handle organizational friction that arises in the Dojo
Schedule Overview
Day 1
  • Framing the learning and work,in various scenarios, using Value Streams, Product Thinking, and visualizations
  • Learning focused standups, planning, standups, and retros
  • Coaching competencies
  • Different coach growth models
  • Communicating learning and friction

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