Who Is Sketch?

Sketch is a team of curious minds, always asking questions and pushing each other to keep evolving. We strive to continually uncover better ways of delivering value by doing it ourselves, then paying it forward to help others do the same.

Thinking About the Why of Things

With great curiosity comes great possibility. When we open up ourselves to new ways of thinking and listen to different ideas, some pretty cool things start to happen. We’re not experts—we’re lifelong learners who keep asking the question, “Why?” and never take “because we always have” for an answer.

(Please stay tuned for our upcoming blockbuster, The Fast and the Curious.)

Autonomous (But Not Automatons)

Trust is the foundation of a great team—without trust there is no risk, and without risk there’s no innovation. Our teams have the freedom to be creative, try something new, and then adapt if something doesn’t work out. We don’t believe we’ll never make mistakes or experience failure, but we trust that we’ll pick each other back up when we do and keep moving forward.

Empowering Individuality

If you’re not acting like yourself, how can you truly do your best work? We don’t know either. Formality, conformity, and rules for rules’ sake aren’t things we buy into. When we’re our authentic selves, we collaborate, work, and, most importantly, feel better—we think that’s the way it should be.

Taking It Up to “Eleven.”

Now that you know who we are, check out everything we do.