Element 74 Agile Bootcamp

Element 74

May 25- 26, 2017 Agile Bootcamp

Thanks for having us! We thoroughly enjoyed spending a couple of days with you, and we hope you enjoyed it as well!  We’ve provided materials for reference below.

Sketch Development Services is passionate about advancing the craft of software product development. We are a collection of highly skilled and talented technology teams who are laser focused on:

Developing quality.


We build quality into the products we build rather than inspecting quality after it’s built.

Developing at speed.


Using modern development practices and tools, we can get software into your users’ hands more quickly.

Developing the product.


We develop software products, not just software. We’ll partner with you to create products your users crave.

Developing for the transition.


We recognize that this is your product, not ours. Our collaborative methods allow you to easily assume responsibility for your software when you’re ready to support it in-house.