Matt Harris, Chief Product Officer, BuildPay

I hired Sketch Development to create a ground-up platform build for a “fintech” start-up at the end of 2015.  It was a complex build that posed a few significant challenges.  1) We needed a working “minimal viable product” as soon as possible to secure additional funding.  2) Requirements and priorities constantly were changing as we continued to learn about needs in the field.  3) We were forced to add significantly to the scope as we realized we could not rely on other 3rd party providers for key functionality within our solution.  The result was an 11-month engagement that met all of our criteria and got us through funding stages and to market with a successful, robust platform that will serve as a solid foundation for ongoing in-house development.

Critical to the project, Sketch was able to deliver value right away.  There was constant daily communication and complete transparency on what was being accomplished and what was on deck.  Code delivered was high quality / low defect and was clearly built with future scale in mind.  Most importantly, however, was the open and honest approach to the relationship.  Everyone espouses a partnership approach, but often seem to act only in their best interest.  Sketch was able to adapt to our ever changing needs without “nickel and diming” us to death via change orders.  They were open to conversations about how and when to best transition to an internal team — even assisting us with a search for full time staff.  I sincerely think we got farther, faster, and with way less drama by using Sketch.  It has been one of the best partnership experiences of my professional career.